If trekking is simply too slow for you and you’re looking for a bit of a more fast-paced adventure, you can try biking. Romania offers a lot of biking opportunities, for beginners as well as for those of you which already love this sport. We have selected a few locations for you which will not only allow you to pedal freely, but will give you the opportunity to explore some beautiful sights.

Câmpina, Comarnic, Șotrile. The route is completely paved hence it is appropriate even for racing bikes. It is an excellent track, and the majority of the secondary roads are quiet, but it is a fairly hard track, recommended for people with an above average fitness level. The track is characterized by a lot of fairly extreme climbs, the majority with a ramp of 14%.

Sării Road, Țara Șecașelor. The bike path passes through scenic areas from the north-west of Sibiu county, giving you the possibility to stop, admire and visit tourist, historic, cultural or natural attractions. The track is of medium difficulty, with length of 68 km and a difference of altitude of 640m. About half of the track is off road, so we recommend mountain-bikes and wearing a helmet.

We simply had to include Constanța in this section. A bike ride started prom Tabacarie park following a track which goes through all of Mamaia resort, on the seafront, on a special bike route, is the ideal activity for a relaxing day.

You will also find bike lanes in the parks of big cities, where you can relax after a tiring day of museum visits and sightseeing.