If you are an avid golfer, or simply a fan of Tiger Woods and have always wanted to try golf out, you have plenty of opportunities in Romania. There were 6 golf courses even from before World War II. Ever since then Romanian golf activity has developed throughout the years. Since 2015 there is an 18 holes golf course in the building process and 2 new ones are due to start in 2016.

Paul Tomița club is located in Pianu de Jos, in Alba county and is one of the largest and most beautiful gold courses in the country. It is stretched over 70 ha and holds important competitions throughout the year. You can find a clubhouse, a driving range, mobile carts and the possibility of accommodation in a hotel next to the golf course.

The Diplomatic Club, Bucharest is the oldest golf course in Romania and is located on the banks of the Herăstrău lake, in the Herăstrău park and offers quality services for a rather restricted and refined clientele. Apart from golf, you can also find football, basketball and tennis fields, 2 swimming pools and a restaurant.

Tite Gold Club is the first club with a golf course in Romania officially registered with the National Sports Association. It is located in Timișoara.

Selas Golf and Polo Club is located in Potigrafu,40 km away from Bucharest and is the nearest 18-hole golf course in the capital area. Apart from the golf course, the club also has a tennis court, a clubhouse, a pool and snooker table and a bar/lounge.

Lac de Verde Golf Club is located in Breaza (next to Câmpina). It is a 9-hole golf course, and also has an indoor training area, tennis courts and other activities. The area is renowned for its gentle weather.