Nature and wildlife

If you like admiring nature and wildlife, Romania is the perfect place for you! This is a wonderful country through its incredibly beautiful and unique places. We have all types of landscapes and about 5% of Romania’s territory has a protected status. Of these areas, there are 14 national parks, over 600 natural reserves, over 50 scientific reserves and over 200 natural monuments.

The National Park Cheile Bicazului is located in the Hasmas massif from the Eastern Carpathians and is a true paradise for climbers since it includes the most spectacular gorges in Romania, the Bicazului gorges. You can see a great variety of plants, rare species, protected by law as well as a rich fauna, hence it is a great place for you to spend a relaxing time and hike.

Cetațile Ponorului, located in the Western Carpathians are the most impressive and beautiful caves in Romania. It was declared a natural reserve in 1952; the place is distinguished through a unique phenomenon – conifers grow on the mountain valleys and deciduous forests grow on the ridges due to thermal inversion caused by karst areas. It is therefore a fabulous place to explore and admire unique landscapes.

The Retezat National Park is located in the Southern Carpathians and is a protected area of national and international interest as a biosphere reserve. Here you can find the deepest glacial lake (Zănoaga) and the most extensive glacial lake (Bucura) from Romania. The fauna and flora include a number of protected and rare species. The park is actually in the run for being chosen as one of the 7 natural wonders of the world.

The Bâlea waterfall located in the Făgărași mountains, at an altitude of over 2000 m is the largest stepped waterfall in Romania, with a fall of over 60m.

The Danube Delta is a place that cannot be missed! Here, you have the occasion of visiting one of Europe’s wonders. You can admire more than 5,000 plant species, over 70 fish species and over 320 bird species. An interesting trivia is given by the fact that this place is home to the largest population of Pelicans in Europe.

The Iza Valley in Maramureș is a place with a fairy-tale landscape which evokes childhood stories and legends. Looking at the hundreds of wooden houses and churches amid wild nature unspoiled by civilization and the Blue Lake which changes its colour depending on the reflected light will send you back in time.

If you’re looking for a moment of solitude, away from civilization, to contemplate the beauty of nature and relax, we also recommend the wild beaches from Corbu or Vadu. Where the Danube meets the Black Sea next to Sf. Gheorghe and Sulina, you can find two absolutely beautiful beaches with fine sands. The wild, peace and unique landscape make these beaches a place that cannot be missed!