Fishing is one of the most relaxing activities you can do while in a vacation. If SPAs aren’t for you and you find yourself wishing you could just sit down and contemplate the beauty of nature, we can recommend some great spots where you can just pop by between other tours or even spend a few good days. Some of our favourite fishing spots are the following:

The Danube Delta is a true fisherman’s paradise! The variety of species from the Delta make it the most important fishing spot in Romania. There are many locations you can go to such as Canalul Litcov from Nufaru, Canalul Mila 36 from Tulcea, Complexul Razem-Sinoe from Periteasca Mica, Dunarea Veche from Crisani, Canalul Dunavat from Dunavatul de jos, Canalul Jurilovca from Jurilovca.

You can also fish on the Black Sea coast, both from the shore and you can take a boat out at sea as well.

Olteniței pond is located on the National Road Bucharest – Oltenița (DN4). The scenery is completed by a small orchards and several caravans. The place has good access in any kind of weather; you can camp there and you can find barbecue and sunbathing spaces.

It contains 2 basins made by excavations and embankment, with a surface of around 1.5 ha and an average depth of 2.5-3 m. The water supply is provided by underground springs.

There are several different fish species in the lake and you can use 3 tools to fish. The second basin is smaller and you are only allowed to use a fishing rod. You can also fish during night time, but only in a catch&release manner.

Moara Vlăsiei lake is located about 25 km north of Bucharest. You can find a number of different species of fish, the most frequent being carp, sheatfish, crucian and pike.

Solacolu pond is located in Călărași county, next to Solacolu village. It is spread over 8 ha with an average depth of 2.5 m and has 35 fishing spots. On the banks of the pond you can find accommodation as well.

Belciugatele Livada ponds is situated 2 km away from Fundulea city. The fish species you can find are: Carp, perch, bighead carp, cteno.