Horse Riding

Romania has plenty of horseback riding centres where you can enjoy this pleasant activity. From ponies for children, to pure-blood horse breeds, the clubs offer a vast range of options for adventurers as well as families.

Equestria Club is one of the most modern horseback riding clubs in the country and is located in Tâncăbești, 17 km away from Bucharest. It also offers a horseback riding shop, a horseback riding school, an accommodation place and spaces to relax.

The Panicel Râșnov Complex is 2 km away from Râșnov city and has a 70,000 sq m surface and 2 accommodation locations of 3 or 4 stars. The centre only has mares and horses of exceptional breeds and 3 ponies that can be ridden by children or harnessed to a carriage for a ride. Apart from horseback riding, it also has 3 lakes for the ones who want to combine their passion for riding with the one for fishing.

The Cai de Vis Botoșani club is located 20 km away from Suceava, in Vârfu village and rightfully calls itself “estate”. Here you have the opportunity to experience a different kind of riding club, whose ideal is to combine the atmosphere of the farm with accommodation options and modern luxury facilities. The visit to this club can only be done through reservation in order to ensure a quiet and relaxing atmosphere for all the guests of the club.

Hipocan Corbeanca is an accredited sports club and has 120 paddocks with competition horses, ponies and recreational horses. The club is stretched over 5,000 sq m and has 4 of the most renowned instructors nationwide.

Mangalia Stud is located in Mangalia, 500m away from the beach and is one of the oldest hippodromes in the country. It is the largest horseback riding centre in South-East Europe and only has pure breeds. Its location was chosen specifically for the Arab pure breed for which the club is renowned. It is especially conceived for racing gallop and has a surface of 19 ha.

Scorillo Riding Club is located in the village Curteni, in Mureș county and has 12 race horses which have been trained to be ridden by beginners as well.

Picadilly Club is located a few km away from Bucharest, next to a forest. It is preferred by many locals as it offers recreational rides through the forest as well. You can find beginners’ courses, advanced courses and various rides.