Trekking can be done all year around, regardless of the season. All the trekking areas you can go through are safe in all regards and you can find accessible places for any age and fitness level. If you love the mountains, there are a lot of place that you can go to in Romania. The main massifs with a number of trails are the Făgărași mountains, Bucegi and Piatra Baiului.

Here are some of our favourite places for trekking:
You can climb by cable car from Bușteni to the Babele cabin and you can cross the Bucegi Mountains up to Poarta village. It is a long trail, of moderate effort but which offers an exceptional view throughout the day. You can then stay at one of the guest houses in Moeciu de Sus.

Another interesting route is the one in the Făgărași Mountains. You can climb the Negoiu peak (2535 m). Apart from the exceptional view, you can visit the Capra, Caltun and Bâlea lakes, climb Mount Vânătoarea lui Buteanu (2507 m), which offers one of the most spectacular overviews of the Făgărași Mountains and you can stay over at the cottages Bâlea Lac and Podragu.

If you want to see some fabulous views, you can also go to Piatra Craiului Mountains. You can find accommodation at the Curmătura cottage or in private guesthouses around the area. Here you can visit the peaks La Turn and Ascuțit, Padinile Frumoase, Valea Prăpastiilor, Casa Folea.

Another great trip can be found in Baiului Mountains, on the west and east side of the Bucegi Mountains and in the Piatra Craiului National Park. You can visit Predeal, Azuga and Sinaia, climb on peak Baiul Mare, walk on the plateau La Bisericuța, hike to Pârul Rece or the village Peștera, or Prăpăstiile Zarneștilor. You can find accommodation at the guesthouses in Bușteni, at Diham or Curmătura.

In the Retezat National Park, the entire mountain massif is crossed by marked trails accessible to all tourists. The track markings are in a very good shape, so you should not experience any orientation problems. There is also an excellent team of mountain rescuers, should anything happen. Some must-see places are: lake Bucura, lake Zănoaga, lake Galeșu, Retezat peak, Peleaga peak, Păpușa peak.
Accommodation can be found in rural cottages at the foothills of mountains or you can bring your own tent! If you’re into camping you should check out the camping sites at Carnic, Pietrele, Poiana Pelegii, Buta and Bucura, or if it is too cold, try out mountain cabins at Gențiana, Pietrele, Buta, Gura Zlata.

Ceahlău massif is also an ideal place for trekking and hiking. The cabin Izvorul Muntelui represents the starting point for many tourist tracks. One of the most well-known ones is the one leading to Dochia cabin and Curmătura Lutu Roșu, which can be done during summer time but also during winter time. If you’re really lucky you may even encounter deer on your path.

The Maramureș Depression can be admired in all of its grandeur in a tour on Bradova Hill in Bârsana, from where you can see half of Iza and Mara’s Basin, up to the Creasta Cocoșului. You can find up to 38 protected areas in Maramureș, each of which offers stunningly beautiful views.